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This month, Sammy Fair­cloth shows you how to keep the rain and muck at bay with a car­a­van cover, while on p104, I ex­plain how to in­stall a sim­ple piece of kit to pro­tect water pipes from dam­age

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Sammy Fair­cloth shows you how a car­a­van cover fends off rain and stains

DUR­ING MY FIRST year of car­a­van own­er­ship I learnt a lot about the dam­age and mess a harsh British win­ter can throw at a tourer. There are many de­cid­u­ous trees near me that love to con­stantly bom­bard you with leaves in the au­tumn months – and what bet­ter place for them to land on than the car­a­van’s roof ?

Over the com­ing win­ter months, with freez­ing tem­per­a­tures, storms and snow, the leaves break down and even­tu­ally you end up with leaf rot, moss or al­gae. Not to men­tion other ir­ri­tants such as bird mess. So, hav­ing spent hours clean­ing all this mess off one year, I de­cided to in­vest in a car­a­van cover.

Which type to buy?

There are var­i­ous types of cov­ers out there, rang­ing from whop­ping great sheets of poly­thene held down with ropes, to tai­lor-made cov­ers cre­ated with soft, breath­able fabric. Roof-top cov­ers made of poly­thene sheet­ing are great for keep­ing the rain out. How­ever it is a non-breath­able ma­te­rial and traps mois­ture, cre­at­ing con­den­sa­tion which could lead to mould or mildew growth in­side the car­a­van. Also, the straps can rip the poly­thene in win­ter storms and po­ten­tially scratch the car­a­van. At the other end of the scale are cov­ers made from a breath­able, wa­ter­proof, non-abra­sive ma­te­rial.

1 Safely pro­tected from birds 2 Top cov­ers are an in­ex­pen­sive way to of­fer wa­ter­proof pro­tec­tion 3 Most full cov­ers are made of a breath­able, wa­ter­proof, non-abra­sive ma­te­rial

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