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For non-caravanners, the 5008 bi­sects the over­lap be­tween what fam­ily car driv­ers want and what they re­ally need. Buy­ers are drawn to mus­cu­lar crossovers and strong-look­ing SUVS, but an MPV re­ally bet­ter suits life with three kids and a labrador. The 5008 of­fers el­e­ments of both to be de­sir­able and very prac­ti­cal. It makes a de­cent choice for caravanners, too, but some of its strengths as an ev­ery­day drive are weak­nesses when it comes to tow­ing. The car’s low weight helps it achieve very im­pres­sive fuel econ­omy fig­ures for a big seven-seater, as does the de­ci­sion to of­fer the 5008 as a front-wheel-drive car. How­ever, as a tow car it’s con­sid­er­ably lighter than other SUVS of a sim­i­lar price. The likes of the Kia Sorento, Škoda Ko­diaq and Volk­swa­gen Tiguan all carry some ex­tra heft and so ben­e­fit from more favourable match­ing ra­tios. They all have higher le­gal tow­ing lim­its and max­i­mum noseweights, too. What the 5008 can sen­si­bly tow, it pulls well enough. The en­gine has suf­fi­cient torque for tow­ing du­ties, pro­vided you don’t mind chang­ing gear a lit­tle more of­ten than you’d need to in some ri­vals. Sta­bil­ity at speed is good rather than out­stand­ing – more firmly con­trolled sus­pen­sion would help – but that’s not to say we wouldn’t be happy to tow long dis­tances with the 5008. It’s just that we’d know there are other SUVS that would do the job bet­ter. We ad­mire the 5008’s de­sign flair, prac­ti­cal cabin and fuel econ­omy. The Peu­geot is a very good seven-seater, but merely an okay tow car.

Lane-change test The sharp steer­ing and pro­nounced body lean felt a lit­tle dis­con­cert­ing at first, but the 5008 found plenty of grip and wasn’t pulled off line

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