2015 Ster­ling Con­ti­nen­tal 480

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2015 Ster­ling Con­ti­nen­tal 480

Launched for the 2014 sea­son at the spring NEC show, the Con­ti­nen­tal range ran for three years be­fore be­ing dis­con­tin­ued. That was a shame, be­cause this is a very smart-look­ing tourer. An ex­cel­lent spec also pushed these mod­els into a new league of de­sign. Us­ing the lat­est con­struc­tion meth­ods, the Con­ti­nen­tal has a very stylish ex­te­rior and it doesn’t stop there, ei­ther. This in­te­rior has a far more con­tem­po­rary look than the Seville. The lay­out also fea­tures a large front lounge, off­side kitchen, near­side dresser and full-width end wash­room. Although the Con­ti­nen­tal is no longer made, it’s still a stun­ner. It is more ex­pen­sive than the Seville, but its de­sign and build should make it worth the ex­tra cost. It is heav­ier than the Seville, so you would also need a big­ger tow car for the Con­ti­nen­tal. In­side and out, both mod­els were look­ing as good as they did when they left the fac­tory.

Pitch and set-up

Bai­ley Uni­corn III Seville Ster­ling Con­ti­nen­tal 480 Built on the Al-ko chas­sis, the Seville comes with the ATC anti-snaking sys­tem. GRP side­walls of­fer good dam­age re­sis­tance, while all win­dows looked to be in good con­di­tion. The Con­ti­nen­tal has all of the above, but also comes with a large front gas locker and a front near­side locker. The Seville’s gas locker, on the near­side, only takes cylin­ders, noth­ing else, although there is also a sep­a­rate stor­age locker on the front near­side. Both have a bar­be­cue point, ex­te­rior mains sock­ets and al­loy wheels. All ser­vice points are on the off­side. The Seville’s bat­tery is in the floor, so only a mains in­let socket is fit­ted. The bat­tery box is the norm on the Con­ti­nen­tal. Both have so­lar pan­els and Sta­tus TV aeri­als. The Con­ti­nen­tal has full heavy-duty stead­ies, while the Seville only has them at the rear. Over­all, the Con­ti­nen­tal wins here.

Lounge Bai­ley Uni­corn III Seville Ster­ling Con­ti­nen­tal 480

Step into the Seville’s lounge, then walk into the Con­ti­nen­tal’s, and both have twin sin­gle set­tees with a cen­tral chest of draw­ers, but the Con­ti­nen­tal looks ul­tra-modern. The Seville has slightly slop­ing back-rests and the up­hol­stery looks a tad bland against the Con­ti­nen­tal. Both have a Cd/ra­dio, but the Con­ti­nen­tal’s is hid­den away in a front over­head locker, while the Seville’s is on show. The Con­ti­nen­tal has more stor­age space, in­clud­ing two front cor­ner units. The Seville has lim­ited un­der­seat ac­cess, via a very small flap, but the Con­ti­nen­tal has full-length ac­cess on both sides. Both have LED light­ing and a Midi Heki rooflight. The Con­ti­nen­tal has more mains sock­ets, with sev­eral in the lounge. So our clear win­ner here was the Con­ti­nen­tal.

Beds Bai­ley Uni­corn III Seville Ster­ling Con­ti­nen­tal 480

The Seville has twin sin­gle beds up front, which are quite wide and of­fer good sup­port. These also make up a size­able dou­ble bed, us­ing slats from un­der the chest of draw­ers. The Con­ti­nen­tal’s twin sin­gle beds also make up a gen­er­ous dou­ble, us­ing slats. So with both of­fer­ing very good sleep­ing ac­com­mo­da­tion, this one is a tie.

Kitchen Bai­ley Uni­corn III Seville Ster­ling Con­ti­nen­tal 480

Side kitchens are fit­ted in both and the pair of­fer plenty of spec and work­top, too. The Seville has a dual-fuel hob and full oven, as does the Con­ti­nen­tal. Each has a mi­crowave just above the main kitchen unit, but the Con­ti­nen­tal’s is bet­ter fin­ished and fits snugly, while the Seville’s looks more like a retro­fit. The fridge in the Seville is a slim-line Dometic, while the Con­ti­nen­tal has a more stan­dard-size unit. Stor­age ca­pac­ity is bet­ter in the Seville, but its drinks cabi­net, in the kitchen, can’t re­ally com­pete with the swish de­sign of the Con­ti­nen­tal’s drinks cabi­net, which is lo­cated just op­po­site, in the side dresser. The Seville has good over­head stor­age, as does the Con­ti­nen­tal, and night-time il­lu­mi­na­tion in both is ex­cel­lent, mak­ing them level peg­ging at this stage. Both have ex­tend­ing work­tops, plus mains sock­ets, and the Con­ti­nen­tal also has a splash­back, which lights up for added bright­ness. The Con­ti­nen­tal has an Om­nivent above the kitchen for rid­ding steam and smells; the Seville just has a Mini Heki rooflight. The sink is al­most the same size in both kitchens and over­all, the con­di­tion in both was ex­cel­lent, too. The Seville just nudges past for its ex­tra stor­age, but it’s a close call.

Wash­room Bai­ley Uni­corn III Seville Ster­ling Con­ti­nen­tal 480

This can be a make or break for some! Let’s start with the Seville, which has a good-sized wash­room and a size­able wardrobe, too. The Con­ti­nen­tal also has a gen­er­ous wardrobe, with two draw­ers in its base. The hand­basin in the Seville is far bet­ter than the Con­ti­nen­tal’s, be­ing deeper and more prac­ti­cal. The Seville has a fold-out shav­ing mir­ror, which is a a nice touch, and a fair-sized stor­age cup­board, too. The Con­ti­nen­tal has a chrome ra­di­a­tor and its shower cu­bi­cle is larger than the Seville’s. Light­ing is good in both tour­ers, with LED

lights, a win­dow and a roof vent to pro­vide plenty of nat­u­ral light and ven­ti­la­tion. Both have Thet­ford elec­tric-flush toi­lets and over­all stor­age is about equal. Although the Seville’s wash­room is re­ally ex­cel­lent, we feel the Con­ti­nen­tal’s just takes the lead, with its two speak­ers in the ceil­ing for mu­sic while you shower.

Stor­age Bai­ley Uni­corn III Seville Ster­ling Con­ti­nen­tal 480

We like the fact that the Con­ti­nen­tal has ex­tra front lounge over­head stor­age. But both have a cen­tral chest of draw­ers with a slide-out cof­fee ta­ble, and gen­er­ous un­der­seat stor­age, too. The Seville beats the Con­ti­nen­tal in terms of kitchen stor­age, with big­ger draw­ers, acres of work­top on the side dresser, and a cup­board with three draw­ers and shelves. Some of the dresser space loses out to the side gas locker, but a use­ful wall pouch has been placed here to com­pen­sate. The Con­ti­nen­tal has its snazzy drinks cabi­net and TV aerial ad­just­ment just above the dresser. Its rear wash­room stor­age is on a par with the Seville, but the clincher for some might be the Con­ti­nen­tal’s front gas locker, a fea­ture that many see as es­sen­tial to store other items. So this is an­other tie.

Ver­dict Bai­ley Uni­corn III Seville Ster­ling Con­ti­nen­tal 480

The Con­ti­nen­tal is clearly heav­ier and more costly than the Bai­ley, but does that mean the Seville wins hands down? Ac­tu­ally, it’s not quite as straight­for­ward as that – the Seville is a very spa­cious tourer, with plenty of mains sock­ets and su­per light­ing. It has a great kitchen and a highly prac­ti­cal wash­room, too. So what does the Con­ti­nen­tal have to of­fer to jus­tify that ex­tra weight and cash? Well, it looks stun­ning from the out­side, par­tic­u­larly be­cause of its pro­file, rear panel and LED road lights. It has a bet­ter fin­ish in­side and out, and its in­te­rior looks more modern. That said, the in­te­rior might not be to ev­ery­one’s taste. How­ever, we think the over­all looks and qual­ity of the Con­ti­nen­tal def­i­nitely make it worth the ex­tra money (even though it’s a tad shorter than the Seville), so for us, the Con­ti­nen­tal is the win­ner here.

CLOCK­WISE FROM ABOVE The Con­ti­nen­tal’s stylish lounge is a real wow fac­tor. The side dresser has clean lines and houses the swish drinks cabi­net. The smart ex­te­rior de­sign is prac­ti­cal too, with a ca­pa­cious front gas locker and use­ful grab han­dles

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