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QUES­TION: what do you do with your car­a­van step while you are on the road? There is lit­tle doubt that the van door­way is the most con­ve­nient stor­age area for your step, be­cause then, it will be in­stantly ready for out­side use when needed, but how do you pre­vent it from bounc­ing around in the van when you are on the move, and pos­si­bly caus­ing dam­age? In an emer­gency stop, an un­re­strained step will move for­ward un­til it hits the near­est ob­struc­tion, then the back will lift and it might fly around, caus­ing dam­age to the fur­ni­ture. How­ever, if you can con­trol the back edge, the prob­lem should be solved. To find a con­ve­nient way to an­chor the step in place, I ex­per­i­mented with a num­ber of hand­made clips and brack­ets, but a lot will de­pend on what your step is made from. Mine is 22mm alu­minium tube, a stan­dard plumb­ing size, so the eas­i­est so­lu­tion was to buy a small pack of ny­lon clips, which turned out to be a good fit on the tube.

Hinged clips

These clips are avail­able with and with­out a hinged lid, and be­cause they were avail­able in a smaller pack, I opted for the hinged type and sim­ply cut off the lid with a craft knife. The car­pets in my car­a­van are thick and I also have an ad­di­tional door­mat, so the clip had to be raised to make a snug fit for the step. The base was cut off a spare clip and used as a spacer, adding 9mm to the height of the clip, which with the spacer, was sim­ply screwed to the floor at the rear of the door­way.

1 These 22mm ny­lon plumb­ing pipe clips fit the alu­minium tube of my step pre­cisely 2 A base cut from a sec­ond clip pro­vides car­pet clear­ance. Use a stain­less steel fix­ing screw 3 At­tach the clip and the spacer to the floor us­ing a suit­ably long screw 4 A piece is cut out of the ex­tra door­mat to ac­com­mo­date the clip and the car­a­van step can then be in­stalled 4


of a baseUse the make a clip to spare al­low that will spacer clear­ance car­pet for 2


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