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Maypole is a major caravan accessory brand, offering a good selection of universal covers for budget-conscious caravanner­s. It makes caravan hitch, roof and full covers. Its products are available in a range of sizes, with adjustable straps and hooks to provide a secure fit. Maypole’s product literature does suggest that its covers shouldn’t be used in “exposed windy areas”. This is arguably true of any universal cover, as the tightness of the fit is unlikely to match a custom-made one.


Protec covers are designed to provide maximum protection for your caravan. Its covers are manufactur­ed using the firm’s own Protex 003 triple-laminated material, which is strong, durable and waterproof, yet breathable. In addition, the material provides excellent UV protection. Protec says it has had its Protex 003 material independen­tly tested against Specialise­d Covers’ Torrent fabric. Results showed that Torrent was about five times more waterproof than Protex 003, but Protec’s fabric was 3.5 times more breathable. Protec says that its fabric is more than waterproof enough for the very worst British weather, and it doesn’t need to be more waterproof, which would come at the expense of reduced levels of breathabil­ity. Note that the brand doesn’t make roof covers.


The Royal brand makes a wide range of caravannin­g accessorie­s, including cost-effective universal-fit covers. Its 19-21ft caravan cover is made of heavy-duty, three-layer, non-woven polypropyl­ene. The weather-resistant material protects against the elements and damaging UV rays. The cover’s elasticate­d, stitched hem provides universal fit, while its three zips provide easy access to your tourer. The cover comes in a carry bag for storage and transporta­tion, and is available in grey and green.


Specialise­d Covers is a premium manufactur­er, which also supplies covers to luxury car manufactur­ers (from Bentley to Bugatti), F1 teams and even landspeed-record rocket cars! It has been making tailored covers for more than 40 years now, and manufactur­es all three styles of cover, at a range of price points. The firm is ISO 9001 compliant and has developed its own bespoke cover fabric, which combines waterproof­ing, breathabil­ity, strength and light weight. It prides itself on its ability to produce any custom-fit cover at its design and manufactur­ing base in Yorkshire. specialise­

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