Practical Caravan


You’ll be able to cycle with electric assistance for up to 100 miles riding the elegant, feature-packed Motus


Caravanner­s who want a sturdy and good-looking e-bike with a choice of frame configurat­ions, to take them on longer adventures


Model Tour/derailleur Motor Bosch Active Line Battery Bosch Powertube 500Wh Max battery range 80 miles Number of gears 8 Weight 27.5kg (lowstep model) Also includes Front and rear lights, frame lock, mudguards, aluminium stand

If you want to explore near and far using your campsite as a base – and you need more range and comfort than the lighter Trace, with its smaller battery, can offer – check out the Raleigh Motus. It has an impressive 400Wh battery, or 500Wh on the intube Tour and Grand Tour models. The result is that you can get up to twice the range of the Raleigh Trace, so you can cycle up to 100 miles rather than 50, giving you a lot more freedom to enjoy adventures from your caravan. The Raleigh Motus also offers a wealth of brilliant features, including an RST suspension fork with 50mm of travel for extra comfort on bumpy terrain. It comes in different frame configurat­ions, giving you the choice of step-through or crossbar geometry, and different specificat­ions with different gear systems: derailleur or hub.

Sam says… “The top-spec Raleigh Motus Grand Tour is powered by a mid-mounted Bosch motor that supplies the assistance to the cranks, rather than the rear wheel. Some people prefer the weight of the motor in a more central position – and the assistance comes in a smoother, more natural feeling way. ”

Given the Motus’s bigger battery and motor drive unit, plus its suspension system, the overall weight of the Motus is heavier than the Trace, at 27.5kg. But it feels sturdy and secure on the road, and it’s worth noting that the Bosch Active Line motor is virtually noise-free. It guarantees a lot of easy riding: that 100-mile range could take you from Raleigh’s founding city of Nottingham to London, without you ever needing to break a sweat. The Raleigh Motus is competitiv­ely priced, too, ranging from £2199 for the standard Motus to £2799 for the Motus Grand Tour.

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