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Active caravanner­s will love the 130-mile range and tough geometry of the Centros, for brilliant off-road exploratio­n


Caravanner­s who love getting off the beaten track, and who appreciate the powerful electric motor and large range provided by the Centros

Sam says… “The Suntour Nex suspension fork has 63mm of travel – that’s 13mm more than the Motus – so going off-road is not only enabled, but positively encouraged. The wheels are 650b, a slightly smaller diameter than the standard road 700c of the Motus and the Trace, which gives you extra manoeuvrab­ility, strength and tyre clearance. ”


Motor Bosch Performanc­e Line Battery Bosch Powertube 625Wh with option for range extender Max battery range 130 miles Number of gears 8 Weight 27.6kg-28kg Also includes Front and rear lights, rear carrier, mudguards, aluminium stand If you are the kind of caravanner who enjoys going off the beaten track when you’re on tour, the Raleigh Centros is for you. It’s designed, from the ground up, to help you go on all the adventures that you could wish for, in complete comfort. Key to this is its massive 130-mile range, supplied by a 625Wh battery that is more powerful than the Motus or the Trace. The Centros has a superior motor available, too. The motor fitted in the Centros is a mid-mounted Bosch Performanc­e Line unit, which supplies more power to the cranks than the Active Line in the Motus. As a result, you can take to the hills – even if they’re steep, gnarly and intimidati­ng – and climb to the top with ease. The tyres on the Centros are crucial to this: they’re chunky 55mm Schwalbe Marathons, giving excellent grip, even in wet weather. But what if you want to carry a bag or additional water bottles or batteries? That’s easy – there’s a pannier rack at the rear, and a built-in modular rail system, so you can take all your kit with you. The Centros also comes with mudguards, so there’s no need to worry if your exploratio­n takes you onto muddier terrain. There’s even a built-in stand, so you can park your bike while you go off on foot. There are two Centros models available: one uses a Shimano Nexus 8-speed hub gear and the other, a Shimano Alivio 9-speed derailleur system. Prices are £2999 for the derailleur version and £3099 for the hub gear Centros.

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