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Hit the road on the Modum and you can take all your kit with you – and your dog can come along for the ride, too



Motor Bosch Performanc­e Line BES3 Battery Bosch Powertube 500Wh Max battery range 100 miles Number of gears 5 Weight 25.6kg Also includes Front and rear lights, rear carrier, mudguards, aluminium stand

When you’re out on tour and you decide to go for a cycle, you often want to take a fair bit of kit along with you. Whether that’s a picnic to enjoy at your destinatio­n, waterproof clothing or sturdy bike locks, it’s great to have everything you need for the trip close at hand.

And that’s where the Raleigh Modum comes in. This all-new urban utility bike ticks all the boxes, combining features of the Motus and Centros with a cargo-friendly frame. Even better, you can fit a child seat or dog carrier to the rear rack as well, meaning youngsters or a family pet can join you. The Raleigh Modum has a 500Wh battery and a 100-mile range, like the Motus. But it also has the Bosch Performanc­e Line mid-mounted motor of the Centros, so when it’s in load-lugging mode, the Modum can power any payload. It has a compact frame, so it’s easy to stow

inside your car or caravan if you want to head out for the day. The 20in wheels leave plenty of space to load the Modum, while keeping the centre of gravity as low as possible. Those small wheels are super-strong, especially when shod with wide 60mm Schwalbe Pick-up cargo tyres. The Modum is all about keeping things simple and practical, so its aluminium frame comes in just the one size, with all of the adjustabil­ity taken up by the saddle dropper post and handlebar stem. In keeping with that simplicity, it comes in a single build option, for £3399.

Sam says… “The Modum is specced with Shimano MT200 mountain bike hydraulic disc brakes, with a big 180mm rotor up front and 160mm at the rear. As for the gearing: there’s a bombproof Shimano Nexus 5-speed hub and a 38t chainring – nicely judged gears that work well with the Bosch motor for a good range of speeds. ”

The adults of a family group, who want all members of their caravannin­g party to be able to enjoy cycling adventures

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