Practical Caravan

Simple snagging


Caravans are always a compromise between light weight and strength of build, so it is understand­able that after 20 or more years of service, there are a few dog-eared bits and bobs to be found in our van.

A couple of hours moving around inside has helped us tidy up a lot of the scruffy bits, with simple tools and a bit of common sense.

Originally, tourers of this era were built with screws and staples. There’s nothing wrong with that, but in quite a few places, the staples have simply given up. We resorted to modern constructi­on adhesives to make repairs.

Sealants, not staples

Where the staples have pulled out or failed, it is hard to replace them, as the timber is often damaged. Modern sealants, however, can happily stick these surfaces securely, without relying on a physical fixing. Hybrid adhesives, such as the CT1 that we used, are amazing – but permanent.

These products basically stick anything to anything, and even work in damp or humid environmen­ts. They are ideal for permanent repair. Do not use them on anything that you might want to separate in the future!

In our case, they did a great job of shoring up the base of the wardrobe and fixing a couple of pieces of sagging trim, but these are things that never need to come apart.

Elsewhere, we kept it simple. A couple of loose screws were tightened up, and the moving plastic parts given a squirt of silicone lubricant to help keep things moving. Where the bed slats had pulled away from the fabric retaining straps, we opted for a physical fix, using a screw with a dished washer, rather than staples. There were a couple of bits of damaged plywood, which we replaced and screwed back into place. This would keep the slats spaced and located. It also means that we shouldn’t fall through the sofa without warning…

 ?? ?? FROM TOP Wardrobe base had disintegra­ted, but was glued back together
FROM TOP Wardrobe base had disintegra­ted, but was glued back together
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