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I am a long­stand­ing sub­scriber to PC and look for­ward to it ev­ery month. My daily com­mute is in a 1979 Mini 1100 Spe­cial and the work­horse of the fleet is a Volvo 850 es­tate (I was dead chuffed when you fea­tured the 850 as a fu­ture clas­sic).

I’m not sure how much help I’m go­ing to be, but your plea to hear from any­one who had ac­tu­ally crossed the Ore­sund Bridge caught my eye. My wife and I did so in our 1971 P6B in 2011, on our way to the Rover Club of Swe­den 25th An­niver­sary Rally near Ys­tad in Wal­lan­der coun­try, south­ern­most Swe­den. That cross­ing was ab­so­lutely spec­tac­u­lar, but if you can go across Den­mark on the way to the Ore­sund, you’ll en­joy cross­ing an­other large bridge.

We took the ferry from Har­wich to Es­b­jerg and crossed Den­mark on our way to Copen­hagen and ‘The Bridge’. On our way we had to get from is­land to is­land. Our first cross­ing was the Lille­baelt, it­self a fair piece of engi­neer­ing. Next was the Store­baelt (Big Belt)

Bridge. This com­prises sev­eral miles of bridge built on piles go­ing out to sea, fol­lowed by an­other sus­pen­sion bridge. Un­like the Ore­sund cross­ing, it does not ac­com­mo­date a rail­way.

As you will know, the Ore­sund cross­ing is a tun­nel (some four or five miles worth) on the Dan­ish side, which rises in a man-made is­land in the Ore­sund Straits. That is­land an­chors one end of the bridge, with the other end ‘land­ing’ just out­side Malmo.

Sadly, DFDS no longer runs the

Har­wich-es­b­jerg ser­vice, which is a pity as we would love to re­turn to Swe­den with our Rover but haven’t yet been able to carve out the ex­tra time (or jus­tify the ex­tra miles of go­ing via Hook of Hol­land and through Ger­many and Den­mark.

We do have friends in the Rover Club of Swe­den who bring cars to the UK and use the Es­b­jerg-im­ming­ham freight ser­vice.

Reader’s Rover P6B crosses Scan­di­navia in style.

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