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Ban­ish heat, noise and oily fumes from your in­te­rior

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Trans­form your Tri­umph’s trans­mis­sion cover.

Many Tri­umphs have a re­mov­able cover over the gear­box. This is a real bless­ing for clutch changes and other jobs that re­quire gear­box re­moval, as it can be pulled out through the in­te­rior with­out dis­turb­ing the en­gine.

The down­side is that Tri­umph’s ac­coun­tants de­creed that these cov­ers should be made from cheap fi­bre­board. This flimsy ma­te­rial lacks dura­bil­ity and starts to fray around the edges where the cover clamps to floor and bulk­head. The factory-fit in­su­la­tion was a glass-fi­bre-filled plas­tic bag in­side the tun­nel, which does lit­tle to re­duce the trans­mis­sion of heat and sound. The cabin be­comes noisy, smelly and un­com­fort­ably warm, as hot fumes leak around the cover’s edge.

The good news is that all this can be fixed in a few hours of fid­dling – and for a very mod­est sum of money. All the usual ma­jor Tri­umph parts sup­pli­ers can pro­vide new seal kits made from mod­ern rub­ber (from £12) and fix­ing kits (from £24). They also stock com­plete re­place­ment cov­ers made from plas­tic or glass­fi­bre (from £80), both of which seal bet­ter and last longer than the orig­i­nals. The plas­tic cov­ers are quite flex­i­ble, al­low­ing them to de­form and eas­ily match the con­tours of floor and bulk­head. Glass­fi­bre cov­ers are more rigid and may re­quire a lit­tle more ad­just­ment to ob­tain a per­fect fit. It’s not dif­fi­cult, though.

Whether your cover sim­ply needs new seals or you want to up­grade to a mod­ern ver­sion, fol­low­ing this guide will ban­ish oily fumes from in­side your Tri­umph and make your cabin qui­eter, cooler and more civilised.

You will need While you’re there… No sealant re­quired Ex­tra ac­cess plate? Seal and fix­ing kit, re­place­ment cover (op­tional), flexi-shaft screw­driver, scraper, con­tact ad­he­sive, thin­ners or sim­i­lar sol­vent. Check/change the gear­box oil while ac­cess is good. In­spect the wiring and con­nec­tions to the over­drive and re­vers­ing light switches. Rust-treat and paint the floor while the car­pets are out. Tri­umph rec­om­mended non-set­ting mas­tic to seal the gear­box cover. Mod­ern seals mean this is no longer nec­es­sary. Cars with over­drive have a small curved plate on the trans­mis­sion tun­nel be­hind the gear­box cover. Seal this with non-set­ting mas­tic. STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO WORK­SHOP COUR­SES

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