Practical Classics (UK) - - YOUR SHOUT - Robert Ri­d­ley, Cheshire

I en­joyed read­ing your ed­i­to­rial about driv­ing your clas­sics through the win­ter. Hear hear! I too get a lit­tle fed up of peo­ple hi­ber­nat­ing their cars for fear of them dis­solv­ing be­fore their eyes.

I have had a num­ber of clas­sics over the past 18 years or so – a Capri 280, a Jaguar XJS, a Dat­sun 260Z, a Rover 3500S and, cur­rently, a Volvo P1800S. I drive them all year round - only keep­ing them off the road if they throw salt down. I owned each car about four to five years and drove an av­er­age of some 8000 miles a year in them – keep­ing them im­mac­u­late and then sell­ing them for more than I paid for them. My cur­rent Volvo has al­ready cov­ered 5000 miles in my five months of own­er­ship so far.

Cars hate be­ing laid up – so get out there and drive them! I of­ten drive miles and never see an­other clas­sic – then I get to a show and see hun­dreds and think ‘where have you lot been hid­ing?’

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