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This pic­ture is of our son, Mar­cus, in our 1958 Vaux­hall PA Cresta taken in the mid-sx­ties. Now in his 50s, he has just treated me to a year’s sub­scrip­tion to PC.

One prob­lem with the PA was that the steer­ing box was mounted to the bulk­head on rub­ber bushes with three high-ten­sile bolts se­cur­ing it. These had a habit of break­ing off one at a time and when the last one went, so did the steer­ing. You could just about steer in re­v­erse though. Luck­ily it broke a short dis­tance from home.

If I had one now I would reg­u­larly draw those bolts to check on them.

John Dil­lon, New Mi­ton

Dad! The steer­ing broke!

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