A Banger­nomics love story

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James Wal­she’s story of get­ting home cheaper than fly­ing (PC Oc­to­ber 2018) took me back to Christ­mas 1979...

I was 18 and had just met the girl who was later to be­come my first wife. I lived in north Lon­don and she was in west Lon­don. On Christ­mas Day I de­cided to visit her but my rusty old Ford Es­cort MKI didn’t have any petrol in it and there were no fill­ing sta­tions open.

My older brother had a 1970 Singer Gazelle which had a full tank of petrol so he sold it to me for £300. I kept the Singer for three years or so and in that time, I changed the en­gine and ’box for a 1725 unit with twin carbs and an over­drive gear­box from a later Hum­ber Scep­tre write-off. That was the start of my own Banger­nomics.

Derek Doyle, Bed­ford­shire

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