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‘You’d be forgiven for not knowing my Rover P2 is a ground-up resto!’

1947 Rover P2, Vince Moore, Thurso


When will you be starting your restoratio­n?

‘Cheeky! I’ve finished it! It’s what I’d call an ‘oily rag restoratio­n’, but I can confidentl­y say it has been rebuilt from the ground up. The car was in a truly terrible state when I bought it, but having spent many months working on it in my barn, she’s complete. I now drive the car regularly all year round without worrying about stone chips or parking knocks!’

What is it about the P2 you like?

‘I had a friend years ago whose dad had an immaculate P2 – and I remember being completely captivated by it. I was allowed to drive the car a few times and at that point, I was really sold on the idea of owning one myself some day. I loved the sheer quality of engineerin­g Rover put into it back then. It was always suggested the Rover was a poor man’s Rolls-royce – and you can see why.’

What was it like to restore one? ‘As soon as you start analysing a car like the P2, it’s clear the engineerin­g of that era was delightful­ly simple but beautifull­y done. That element of simplicity therefore makes the car very fixable. I do like a challenge, though – and luckily for me, this Rover presented me with a big one! It's also fortunate that I enjoy welding. I found it in Aberdeen, with all that salty sea air, so it wasn’t the recipe for a rust-free Rover.’

What needed to be done?

‘What didn’t, you mean! Both sills had gone, the floors, bottom of the doors, rear seat pan and lots more needed replacemen­t. When I first got it home, it was just a pile of bits so I began by reassembli­ng it in the garden to see what I had. The engine and gearbox were missing, so I sourced replacemen­ts and added them to my ‘mock-up’ arrangemen­t outside. Once I’d made a list of missing parts and jobs to be done, I stripped it back down again and blasted the chassis, which I did myself.’

Had you restored your own car before? ‘I had a Capri in my early twenties, which

I kept going myself, and built a Marlin kit car at the age of 25, which looked a bit like an MG but was powered by a Marina TC engine. I went into the

Rover restoratio­n confidentl­y, though. I did an engineerin­g foundation course as a youngster, and also worked as a mechanic at a Renault dealership before deciding I didn’t really want a job in the motor trade after all. Basically,

I think that when you’re passionate for a particular car, you make it work.’

 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Vince is motivated by a passion for his Rover.
Vince is motivated by a passion for his Rover.
 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Aberdeen’s salty air had done lots of devilish work.
Aberdeen’s salty air had done lots of devilish work.
 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Now that’s a dasboard with dash!
Now that’s a dasboard with dash!

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