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Club for small sports cars celebrates 40 years


In 1983 a group of enthusiast­s recognised that Midgets and Sprites were underrepre­sented by existing clubs, and feared that owners might soon be denied the enjoyment of driving these wonderful little cars over the years to come. Something had to be done to preserve their appeal and so the Midget & Sprite Club (MASC) was formed. Forty years later, the Uk-based club is still going strong with a growing membership reaching as far afield as the USA, Australia and even Iceland.

Everyone welcome

The club provides a welcoming and friendly community of like-minded individual­s with numerous opportunit­ies to get out and enjoy cars in the company of others. From monthly club nights to social runs and organised meets – and not forgetting the font of all Masc-related news, the monthly award-winning club magazine Mascot – a membership of MASC is not just entry into any old car club, it’s orientatio­n into a way of life. Whether you are the original owner of a Fifties Frogeye or later model, compete in motorsport events, or simply enjoy an afternoon’s drive on a calm day, MASC caters to everyone and shares the common desire to keep these little classics running.

With 40 years to shout about, this milestone deserves recognitio­n and a series of special events across the country to mark the occasion is planned throughout 2023. In addition, there will be a special photograph­ic wall calendar and other anniversar­y items provided free to members.

Why not join the celebratio­ns as the Midget & Sprite Club honours 40 years of membership and looks forward to many more happy motoring years. midgetands­

 ?? ?? Some exciting club trips and events are in the pipeline for 2023.
Some exciting club trips and events are in the pipeline for 2023.

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