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Craig Cheetham on not discountin­g the small guy…


It’s all too easy to focus on big numbers when it comes to charity fundraisin­g, but to do so can sometimes undermine the efforts of the smaller, less well-known and unsung heroes whose efforts can be overshadow­ed by the telephone numbertype figures raised by others. That’s why this month – and over the next few issues, with your help – we’ll be focusing on some of the lesser-known fundraiser­s out there.

Sure, the work of the big charities and the larger events is fantastic. Anything that raises funding to support those in need is commendabl­e and well worth shouting about. But the very essence of Practical Classics is the community that surrounds it. This title thrives because in many ways, it’s one of the biggest car clubs in the entire world. As members of that community, our tastes are different but our motivation is the same.

So, to kick off a focus on our very own community this month, we’re zeroing in on the efforts of two fabulous young people. Georgina Wooten and Owen Burgess define what it is to be classic car enthusiast­s even though they are still in their twenties. They have a collection of (mostly) Italian cars, many of which have been rescued and brought back to life. And despite multiple challenges that gave them a false start, this year they’re off to Italy to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK and Owen will be dressed as a giant panda. That’s what we do when it comes to getting noticed and raising money for causes that truly need it, and it’s a wonderful thing.

Craig Cheetham, PC Charities Correspond­ent

Got a charity event coming up or know a hero?

It’s time we give people the kudos they deserve!

If you, your car club or your friends have got anything planned to raise money for charity, we absolutely want to hear about it and talk about it in these pages. Please drop us a line at practicalc­ and we’ll help you in any way we can.

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