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41 years young and still going strong


Rimmer Brothers, was 40 years-old in 2022, and to this day it is still a family owned and run business. Bill and Graham Rimmer started out by working on their own Triumph sports cars and, in 1982, took it a step further when they founded Rimmer Bros. At first it was based at the family home in Lincolnshi­re with no other staff, but the business grew quickly and by 1987 Rimmers gained Heritage Approval for its Triumph, MG, Mini and Rover SD1 parts operation.

Graham and Bill still own the company they founded, too – in fact we met up with Graham during a recent visit to the impressive Bracebridg­e Heath facility in Lincoln that now has a staff of over 85 to keep the wheels turning. ‘We have 105,000 square feet of storage space, tens of thousands of stock lines – over two million parts,’ says Andrew Mundy as we walk the warehouse floor.

Triumph, MG, Rover, British Leyland, Mini, Rover

SD1, Land Rover, Range Rover and Jaguar (1996-on) ranges are all covered with worldwide shipping. As the British Motor Industry has contracted, Rimmer Brothers has grown larger often buying up old stock from liquidated concerns. We pass a stack of MG TF shells liberated from the line at Longbridge before it was demolished, ‘ From 2005, our support was extended to cover more modern Mg-rover cars. In 2012 our range was further extended to cover all Jaguar models from 1996 onwards,’ says Andrew.

We then peer in quiet disbelief at a huge stock of SD1 panels brought back to the UK after the Standard factory in India stopped making them. The parts inventory at Bracebridg­e Heath continues to grow, the technical and service expertise continues to match it, and the company’s aim is to improve on that… you might even see the Practical Classics team popping up in a video or two in the not so distant future.


Rimmer Brothers, rimmerbrot­hers. com, 01522 568000

Mark Pilkington, Andrew Mundy and Graham Rimmer in the showroom at Bracebridg­e Heath.
LEFT TO RIGHT: Mark Pilkington, Andrew Mundy and Graham Rimmer in the showroom at Bracebridg­e Heath.
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