Proud of my Lemons!

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I have a 70L trop­i­cal com­mu­nity tank which has been set up since the be­gin­ning of Oc­to­ber. It’s my sec­ond tank, re­plac­ing my orig­i­nal, too-small 24l tank.

I’ve read PFK since the Au­gust 2017 is­sue and have en­joyed ev­ery is­sue. Thanks to one of your writ­ers, Ge­orge Farmer, I’ve tried my first aquas­cape, based on one he did, and this is now home to Cherry barbs, Lemon tetras, Otocin­clus cat­fish and a fe­male Bristlenose cat­fish named Ber­nadette.

My Lemon tetras are thriv­ing and have bright­ened up in colour so much com­pared to when I first got them. I think they’re def­i­nitely un­der­rated, as they liven up re­ally quickly and, if cared for prop­erly, can ri­val more pop­u­lar species for beauty. Some of my males are now show­ing the black bars on their fins.

I’d re­ally like to see an ar­ti­cle on these stun­ning fish in PFK as they are now my favourites and I’d like to see peo­ple give them a chance. Even my brother, who doesn’t like fish, says they look nicer than the other fish. Es­ther Clark (age 12), by email

Nathan replies: We’ll see what we can do for you, Es­ther! I’ll send out some feel­ers to my many top writ­ers and see if any of them fancy do­ing a write-up on this gor­geous species.

I’ll hap­pily go on record as be­ing a huge Lemon tetra fan, too. There’s just some­thing about that yel­low and black com­bined that just makes them a stand­out fish – es­pe­cially in a planted set-up.

A slice of yel­low heaven.

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