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Ni­trate fix­ing... Roger Cut­ler

Just had a look at South Staffs Wa­ter qual­ity for my area. Here are just two: Ni­trate 33.6 min - 42.1 max. I get a reg­u­lar read­ing of 40ppm in the tank. PH 6.8 - 7.8 is the same ap­prox­i­mate for tank. Ques­tion is, should I try to rem­edy the high Ni­trate read­ing (ni­trite 0 in tank)?

Mark Wright

I would per­son­ally. Mix with rain­wa­ter (or RO).

An­gus Cor­mac Thomas Trelawney-hardy

You could use a ni­trate re­mov­ing fil­ter me­dia like Seachem Den­i­trate or Ma­trix (there are many oth­ers on the mar­ket) if you don’t want to lug around RO wa­ter. It’s just another op­tion to keep in mind.

James Lea­son

Plants. Plant your tank heav­ily, they will suck up the ni­trate. Its all the fer­tilis­ers farm­ers are start­ing to put on the fields wash­ing off in the rain into the wa­ter sup­ply. I am also south staffs wa­ter (Hop­was sup­ply).

Re­becca Bent­ley

Per­son­ally I’d go with RO, or some kind of ni­trate fil­ter which would re­quire fill­ing up Jerry cans. RO also al­lows you to al­ter your wa­ter hard­ness and TDS and a lot of fish which are soft wa­ter will pre­fer it. Just re­mem­ber to rem­iner­alise it.

Roger Cut­ler

Thanks ev­ery­one, will get some more plants and check out fil­ters.

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