Re­sponses to our ques­tion ‘What are the best fish puns you’ve come across? I’d love you to let min­now...’

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Ca­tri­ona Murtagh: Oh, for cod’s hake.

Gavin Kiely: This isn’t the plaice to carp on about this. Good golly miss molly... ev­ery­one floun­der­ing about! Maybe if I mul­let over ....

Ryan Hun­niset: Betta write this down. Ar­ram­inta Dunk­ley This scampi hap­pen­ing. Jac­ques Por­tal: Fins ain’t wot they used ta beeeeee. Steven Burns: Al­gae’t me coat.

Jan Fish­lady: Not mine, but my favourite, “When you’re down by the sea and an eel bites your knee that’s a mo­ray!” Joel Mitchell: These jokes are eely, eely bad. Derek Leblanc: Just floun­der­ing around. Joel Mitchell: What hap­pens when the marine clean­ers get a bit too close? Hawrasse­ment. Joel Mitchell: Uaru we do­ing?

Ni­cola T. Amanovih: Stop post­ing fish puns just for the hal­ibut.

Keith Wat­son: You’ve got no sole post­ing orfe-ull puns like that and cer­tainly not an an­gel ei­ther. It’s a sorry tail and fins will never be the same al­though you can bet some will have a whale of a time. Now, don’t be koi or shell fish about it be­cause I don’t want to dis­cus it any mo­ray.

Phillip Mackie: Never trust un­li­censed puns, al­ways check they’re ofishal! Try­ing to think of more but it’s a pain in the bass.

Bill Bain: Not bad, cod do bat­ter...

“That’s a mo­ray...” Ged­dit?

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