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The lat­est fish­keep­ing prod­ucts tried and tested, in­clud­ing the Ziss GL-1 Fish & Shrimp sep­a­ra­tor, Northfin fish food, Sicce Syn­cra SDC 7.0 pump. Plus new prod­uct news.

I’ve tried count­less types of breed­ing traps dur­ing my fish­keep­ing ca­reer – from float­ing dou­ble-bot­toms and hang­ing nets to ex­ter­nal hang-on breeder boxes and V-bot­tom traps – but the prob­lem with many of those is the size.

A tiny plas­tic cage is not the calm­ing en­vi­ron­ment an ex­pect­ing live­bearer mum de­serves, es­pe­cially for my Panda gup­pies.

So I was in­trigued by, and keen to try, the ZISS EZ GL-1 Fish & Shrimp Sep­a­rat­ing Box at the AQUA Telford show.

It’s aimed at live­bear­ers and the first thing that struck me was that the whole kit feels solid, with qual­ity plas­tic used, and the de­sign is con­tem­po­rary, with plenty of prac­ti­cal fea­tures.

For a start, the flex­i­ble mount­ing sys­tem, which comes with both a hanger and a suc­tion holder, gives you an op­por­tu­nity to use it in al­most ev­ery tank. A fur­ther use­ful fea­ture is the re­mov­able fine bot­tom mesh, which al­lows you to use the box ei­ther as a standalone breed­ing trap, where the new­borns re­main within the box, or as a breed­ing unit, where the ba­bies can swim out to the tank be­low and only the fe­male stays.

The GL-1 has its own bril­liant aer­a­tion and wa­ter cir­cu­la­tion sys­tem (you need to con­nect it to an air pump, though), which sucks wa­ter through the cen­tre col­umn from the tank be­low and then spreads it over the box. The wa­ter then leaves through the mesh bot­tom.

This wa­ter flow cre­ates suc­tion at the four fun­nelshaped traps, quickly mov­ing the new­borns down to safety. The same flow helps you to get food to the fry in the hold­ing cham­ber, which is ex­tremely use­ful when you have mul­ti­ple preg­nant fe­males in the box and you must feed the first­borns.

If you want to ac­cess the ju­ve­niles in the hold­ing cham­ber, you have two choices: the first op­tion is to open down the bot­tom of the breed­ing box and let the young­sters to swim out; the sec­ond is to lift the fun­nel trap unit. The is­sue is that dis­con­nect­ing and then reat­tach­ing the air­line, which runs through the mid­dle, is more com­pli­cated than I first an­tic­i­pated. How­ever, this is the only neg­a­tive I could find with the box.

Af­ter re­mov­ing the trap, you can use the ZISS GL-1 sep­a­ra­tion box as a nurs­ery, an iso­la­tion cham­ber or even as a makeshift photo-box. Re­viewed by Ga­bor Ho­varth

The whole kit feels solid, with plenty of prac­ti­cal fea­tures

The new GL-1 breeder box works a treat.

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