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I kept the tem­per­a­ture in my tank at a com­fort­able 24°C (both species can han­dle a fairly broad tem­per­a­ture range) us­ing a Hy­dor in­line heater, and the tank was main­tained at a ph of 6.5 – al­though Blue-eyes will be happy as low as 4.5.

The ad­di­tion of leaf lit­ter and other botan­i­cals pro­vided tex­ture in­ter­est at lower lev­els and helped keep the tank soft and slightly tan­nin-stained, as would be typ­i­cal in your av­er­age bil­l­abong. Hard­ness was main­tained be­tween 18-215 ppm.

The tank is only 100l, (90x45x30cm) and I used a large ex­ter­nal fil­ter, ca­pa­ble of de­liv­er­ing 2500 lph but with the flow turned right down. A weekly 50% wa­ter change can be eas­ily car­ried out on such a small tank.

CO2 in­jec­tion at two bub­bles per sec­ond, daily dos­ing of TNC fer­tiliser and us­ing aquatic plant soil sub­strate keeps the plants in good con­di­tion. The light unit, on for eight hours a day, uses four 36W T5 bulbs – two stan­dard day­light and two ‘plant’ bulbs, pro­vid­ing a warm glow that picks out reds and or­anges well.

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