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Tank mates

Ryukin will mix with their own kind or other fancy va­ri­eties like Fan­tails, Oranda, Tele­scope-eyes and Ranchu. Be­ing big, strong fish, they wouldn’t even be mus­cled out at feed­ing time if mixed with sin­gle-tail va­ri­eties like Shubunkin, Com­mon gold­fish and Comets. Weather loach could be added to tanks con­tain­ing large fish if you want some non gold­fish, al­though adult Ryukin will eat Dan­ios and White Cloud Moun­tain min­nows, and any of the tem­per­ate shrimp va­ri­eties.

For an ab­so­lutely glo­ri­ous vis­ual dis­play, it’s best to keep to gold­fish only – or even Ryukin only – with a con­tem­po­rary hard­scape ar­range­ment and five same-size, same-colour Ryukin.

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