Which plants would be best for the back­ground in my tank?

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I have a 140l com­mu­nity tank with Har­lequins, Car­di­nal tetras and dan­ios, plus four Co­ry­do­ras. I have some

Anu­bias, moss, Java fern and crypts in there but I would like to add some easy plants that will grow quite tall for the back. Some­thing with a bushy ap­pear­ance would be ideal.

I have three T8 tubes and I don’t use CO2. What would you rec­om­mend? ANNE WILLIS, BY EMAIL

GE­ORGE SAYS: The eas­i­est and fastest grow­ing species of bushy stem plant that would suit your tank in­clude Hy­grophila polysperma (In­dian swamp­weed, Pic­ture 1) and Limnophila

ses­sil­flora (Am­bu­lia, Pic­ture 4). These two plants look dif­fer­ent to one other so re­search them to de­cide which you like best – or you could add them both.

Other good choices for your set-up would in­clude Ro­tala ro­tun­di­fo­lia (dwarf ro­tala, Pic­ture 3) and Lud­wigia palus­tris (Hamp­shire purslane, Pic­ture 2).

Your aquar­ium sounds fine for all of these sug­gested plants as they all have low de­mands for light­ing and CO2.





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