Will my heaters pro­vide enough heat?

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My new tank is 96 x 26 x 30in with dual 40mm out­flows to a 60 x 20 x 20in sump. I have two Schego 600W ti­ta­nium heaters. Is this suf­fi­cient? DR JAMES KERR, BY EMAIL

neale SAYS: Your tank has a ca­pac­ity of 1550l, in­clud­ing the sump. The max­i­mum load­ing of stan­dard heaters are usu­ally rated to about 100l per 100W of power, so your two heaters max­i­mum load­ing is well be­low your tank’s size. Avoid hav­ing heaters work­ing flat-out all the time as this in­creases fail­ure risk. It’s bet­ter to have three or four smaller heaters, so that if one of the heaters fails in the ‘on’ po­si­tion, a small heater can’t over­heat your aquar­ium, whereas a big­ger heater might. I’d want to add a third heater to the mix.

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