Breed­ing an­nu­als

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An­nu­als re­quire sim­i­lar breed­ing con­di­tions to non-an­nual killifish. The key dif­fer­ence to the tank is the ab­sence of spawn­ing mops. In­stead, fill a small con­tainer (like a plas­tic take­away tub) with pre-soaked peat or co­conut fi­bres. The adults will use this to lay eggs in.

For an­nual species, dry­ing the eggs is re­quired as they won’t de­velop in wa­ter. Re­move the tub, drain ex­cess wa­ter and store it sealed, damp and in warmish con­di­tions be­tween 22-25°C for around three months check­ing and spay­ing with wa­ter oc­ca­sion­ally.

Re-soak the fi­bres and, like magic, you should get baby killifish.

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