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Map puffer­fish

Sci­en­tific name: Arothron mappa Size po­ten­tial: 65cm Where found: Indo-pa­cific from East Africa to Aus­tralia Cost: £45-100+ Ju­ve­nile Map puffers mea­sur­ing only a cou­ple of cen­time­tres ap­pear reg­u­larly in the trade. Al­though they’re not cheap for their size, they’re at­trac­tive enough to in­duce a spon­ta­neous pur­chase now and then. Their size po­ten­tial can best be de­scribed as prodi­gious and they’re re­ally not suit­able for any but the largest aquaria – well over 1000l as a min­i­mum.

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