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Sci­en­tific name: Tha­las­soma lunare Size po­ten­tial: 30-45cm Where found: Wide­spread Indo-pa­cific and Red Sea to Hawaii Cost: £39-75

Lunare wrasse are beau­ti­ful, hardy and in­ex­pen­sive, so it’s no sur­prise that they find their way into many marine aquaria. In a large aquar­ium with ag­gres­sive tank­mates, they can work well. How­ever, these fish be­come in­creas­ingly pug­na­cious as they ma­ture – and that’s just the fe­males! Males are par­tic­u­larly ob­nox­ious to­wards docile or even semi-ag­gres­sive tank­mates and de­mand a large aquar­ium of 1000l or more. Quite a few pop­u­lar wrasse species are po­ten­tial tankbusters, al­though not all will com­plete the tran­si­tion from ju­ve­nile to fe­male to male, and so won’t reach the max­i­mum size recorded for the species. But be­ware, even fe­males can out­grow all but the largest aquaria.

Lunare wrasse are quar­rel­some as well as big!

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