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Sci­en­tific name: Pterois voli­tans Size po­ten­tial: 38cm Where found: Trop­i­cal (and sub-trop­i­cal) Indo-pa­cific. In­tro­duced into the At­lantic through re­gret­table re­leases by aquar­ists Cost: £25-75 An iconic species that some­times has in­di­vid­u­als avail­able as small as 2-3cm, which prove in­cred­i­bly hard to re­sist once seen. Spec­i­mens can weigh in at sev­eral pounds – a huge fish to ac­com­mo­date in the av­er­age home marine aquar­ium and one ca­pa­ble of swal­low­ing fish up to two-thirds its own length.

Large, ven­omous and able to eat 25cm fish!

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