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I must say I’m a bit dis­ap­pointed with how the ‘shrimpy’ side of the hobby seems to have died a death. As some­one who caught the ‘golden age’ of shrimp keep­ing, when new strains were com­ing out monthly, and there was an ex­cite­ment to see what would ap­pear next, I must say I find the cur­rent se­lec­tions in store to be a bit of a poor show.

I won­der how much of it is down to how easy they are to breed? Mine bred, and hy­bridised, non-stop. I guess with so many peo­ple breed­ing them and flood­ing the mar­ket, the peo­ple try­ing to make money out of it strug­gled and gave up.

Gareth Hoskins, email

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