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I’m hav­ing trou­ble with keep­ing ras­b­o­ras. they are fine for about five months, then one by one they get ill. My rain­bow­fish and mol­lies, though, don’t seem af­fected. any ideas?

Steve Says: there’s not a lot of in­for­ma­tion given here, but could it be that the ph is too high for the ras­b­o­ras to han­dle long-term? Mol­lies and rain­bow­fish are able to thrive in con­di­tions where the ph is higher.

Keep­ing al­ka­lophiles in acidic con­di­tions will cause aci­do­sis re­sult­ing in:

ex­cess mu­cus pro­duc­tion on skin and in gills Grey/white spots around the head Gills be­com­ing red/brown and in­flamed Small red spots un­der the skin loss of bal­ance/buoy­ancy con­trol be­com­ing both scatty and lethar­gic, and try­ing to jump Rapid breath­ing and/or gasp­ing at the sur­face.

Keep­ing aci­dophiles in al­ka­line con­di­tions will cause al­ka­lo­sis re­sult­ing in:

ex­cess mu­cus pro­duc­tion

on skin Grey/white spots around

the head Fins and gills be­com­ing ragged and look­ing eroded Gills be­com­ing red/brown

and in­flamed Small red spots un­der

the skin be­com­ing both scatty and

lethar­gic and try to jump Rapid breath­ing or

gasp­ing at the sur­face.

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