Are these fish com­pat­i­ble?

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Can I keep a tele­scope eye gold­fish, such as a Panda moor, with two Oran­das? The tank is 120x38x45cm and is fit­ted with an ex­ter­nal can­is­ter fil­ter. I’ve been given con­flict­ing an­swers to this ques­tion, so I’d ap­pre­ci­ate your ex­pert opin­ion, please.

The Oran­das are ap­prox­i­mately 7.5cm long, while the Panda moor is a lit­tle smaller at about 6cm. Also, will this tank be big enough for these fish when they grow? NIGEL WHITTAKER, EMAIL

JEREMY SAYS: Tele­scope eyes and Oran­das are def­i­nitely com­pat­i­ble, as they share sim­i­lar body shape, finnage, ac­tiv­ity and abil­ity lev­els. They are roughly the same size too, mean­ing one won’t get mus­cled out by the oth­ers at feed­ing time.

Your tank is a good size for three fancy gold­fish and they will grow quite quickly. If you stick to three, then they could spend most of their lives in that aquar­ium. How­ever, Oran­das are known for their large adult body size, so if they do grow be­yond 15cm you may want to of­fer them more spa­cious ac­com­mo­da­tion, ideally some­thing in the re­gion of 180x60x60cm.

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