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Sci­en­tific name: Chrysiptera tal­boti Pro­nun­ci­a­tion: Chris-ip-tera tall-bot-eye Ori­gin: East­ern In­dian Ocean to Tonga Cen­tral Pa­cific Max­i­mum size: Around 6cm Tank size: Min­i­mum 120x30x30cm Avail­abil­ity and cost: Quite fre­quently sold; from £12 to £17

A lesser-known species that’s rel­a­tively peace­ful and highly at­trac­tive. These are alert lit­tle fish that will of­ten claim a small ter­ri­tory within an aquar­ium and chase other sim­i­lar-sized fish away, but it’s not the kind of re­lent­less as­sault for which dam­selfish have earned a bad rep­u­ta­tion. The Sun­rise is ac­tu­ally widely avail­able in the hobby, but can be se­cre­tive in deal­ers’ aquaria so it’s not al­ways on dis­play. Seek it out; it’s worth it.

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