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The Big­tooth river ray is found only in Brazil’s To­cantins and Araguaia rivers. As­signed the num­ber P12, this ray grows large, mean­ing it de­mands a huge sys­tem. The body is ei­ther dark brown or black with or­ange or white spots on the dor­sal sur­face, and spots or blotches on the un­der­side.

This is a hardy ray, but very rare in the trade; their im­port from the wild is re­stricted and the avail­abil­ity of cap­tive-bred spec­i­mens is low. A vari­ant – the so-called ‘King henlei’ – sports small spots sur­round­ing the larger ones, mak­ing a vaguely crown-shaped pat­tern. These in­di­vid­u­als fetch very high prices. Pro­nun­ci­a­tion: Poe-tam-oh-try-gone hen-lee-eye Size: Up to 100cm long Ori­gin: To­cantins River basin Habi­tat: Sandy and muddy rivers and pools Tank size: 600x200cm foot­print Wa­ter re­quire­ments: Very soft and acidic to neu­tral; 5.8 to 7.2 ph, hard­ness 4-16°H Tem­per­a­ture: 23-28°C Tem­per­a­ment: Preda­tory, peace­ful with larger fish Feed­ing: Large meaty foods, fish pieces, prawn, earth­worm Avail­abil­ity and cost: Best of luck! From £400 to £1,000

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