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went back an hour here re­cently, and in my world that means it’s now hard­core aquar­ium sea­son again. Gone are the po­ten­tial dis­trac­tions of the sum­mer evenings, the cheeky in­vite to a pub with friends, and in comes the op­ti­mism of go­ing home to bathe in the glow of a tank. There’s just some­thing de­light­fully ‘win­tery’ about sit­ting in the lounge (or fish house, if you’re lucky enough to own one), shel­tered from the out­doors and hug­ging a cup of hot choco­late as you watch your fish.

Why not take this op­por­tu­nity to make the most of your hobby? Start a whole new project. Dive in to that biotope. Spawn those cat­fish. Per­son­ally, I’m think­ing of get­ting my green fin­gers back on and plant­ing up an aquas­cape af­ter a few years ab­sence. Why not join me? Es­pe­cially if you’ve never tried one be­fore.

Why not take on an aquas­cap­ing project this win­ter?

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