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Sci­en­tific name: Mikro­geoph­a­gus al­tispinosus Pro­nun­ci­a­tion: Mi­cro-gee-yo-fay-gus alt-ee-spin-oh-sus Ori­gin: South Amer­ica: Bo­livia and Brazil Habitat: Up­per Rio Madeira basin: slow-mov­ing trib­u­taries, lakes and oxbow lakes over mud or sand Size: 8cm Tank size: 90x37x37cm for a group of four Wa­ter re­quire­ments:6.0-7.5 ph, 5-12°H Tem­per­a­ture: 22-27°C Tem­per­a­ment: Very peace­ful. Mix only with smaller, peace­ful fish that won’t out­com­pete them for food Cost: Com­monly avail­able; around £6

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