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Be­sides the stan­dard is­sue Tiger barb, at least three other va­ri­eties are com­monly seen in aquar­ium shops – the Moss barb, the Al­bino tiger barb and the Gold tiger barb.

The Moss barb is prob­a­bly the most pop­u­lar of th­ese and gets its name from the mossy-green coloura­tion that cov­ers most of the body be­tween the gill cov­ers and the base of the tail. Some strains have the or­angey-red fins and snouts of Tiger barbs, but oth­ers have black fins and black faces in­stead.

The Al­bino tiger barb is not quite a colour­less Tiger, since most strains still have the or­angey-red shade on their snouts, dor­sal fins, ven­tral fins and the edges of their tail fins. But in­stead of green and black on their fins and flanks, the body is pale pink, with even paler ver­ti­cal bands on the flanks. Like all al­bino fish, they have pink­ish-red eyes.

Gold tiger barbs are sim­i­lar to Al­bi­nos in some ways, but with black eyes, not pink. They can be quite vari­able – most have or­angey-yel­low flanks with pale, al­most off-white ver­ti­cal bands, but some strains are sil­very toned. Their fins are edged with orange, just like reg­u­lar Tiger barbs.

You might also see long-finned ver­sions of any of th­ese Tiger barb va­ri­eties, but whether they’re a good choice is de­bat­able, given their bois­ter­ous, some­times nippy be­hav­iour. In any case, while the var­i­ous Tiger types might look dif­fer­ent to us, they will all school to­gether if kept in the same tank.

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