Im­prove your aquar­ium’s health with Te­tra’s im­proved Fil­ter­ac­tive

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Te­tra‘s up­graded Fil­ter­ac­tive for­mula now con­tains a blend of co­or­di­nated, nat­u­ral strains of sludge-re­duc­ing clean­ing bac­te­ria of the Bacil­lus genus in a con­cen­trated form. This sup­ports the break­down of fish waste, food re­mains and dead plant ma­te­ri­als, fur­ther im­prov­ing your aquar­ium’s health.

Te­tra Fil­ter­ac­tive also con­tains live ni­tri­fy­ing bac­te­ria that help break down am­mo­nia and ni­trite (which are toxic for fish) in the aquar­ium, set­tling mainly in the fil­ter and on the fil­ter ma­te­ri­als to main­tain bi­o­log­i­cal bal­ance. How­ever, some of th­ese ni­tri­fiers are lost through the reg­u­lar clean­ing the aquar­ium re­quires, which is why Te­tra Fil­ter­ac­tive re­plen­ishes bac­te­ria to help main­tain bi­o­log­i­cal ac­tiv­ity. RRP: £6.15 for 100ml/£10.80 for 250ml*

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