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JBL is re­fresh­ingly trans­par­ent about its fil­ter mod­els’ flow rates – if you read the in­struc­tion man­ual!

The high­est fig­ure for flow that’s cited – 900 lph – refers to the pump run­ning idle, which is to say that it can pro­vide that much flow in the ab­sence of hoses and with­out fil­ter me­dia.

Once the can­is­ter is as­sem­bled with me­dia and the hoses are in place, this flow rate drops off sub­stan­tially. JBL re­ports the flow of the e902 with 1.5m of hos­ing and me­dia in place as be­tween 380 and 450 lph. This is im­por­tant to know when de­cid­ing on what size tank the e902 is ca­pa­ble of fil­ter­ing. If you want a 5x turnover in your tank, as some aquas­ca­pers do, then this fil­ter will be suited to a tank of up to 90 litres. Re­al­is­ti­cally, I sus­pect this fil­ter will cope nicely on a com­mu­nity tank of around 150 to 200 litres.

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