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Tested by: Ga­bor Hor­vath Prices: £155 More info: www.hv­paqua.nl

Open­ing the box of a brand new prod­uct is al­ways ex­cit­ing. You’re full of great ex­pec­ta­tions, but some­times the smart, shiny box con­tains only a medi­ocre prod­uct. For­tu­nately, the op­po­site can be true too, and you find a real gem in un­der­stated pack­ag­ing. This was the case with the HVP Goldline LED.

I first set my eyes on this light at In­ter­zoo 2018, where its smart gold and black fin­ish made it stand out from the crowd. Know­ing that looks aren’t ev­ery­thing, I re­ally wanted to try the LED in situ.

HVP is a small Dutch com­pany, fo­cus­ing on light­ing tech­nol­ogy. It de­signs and pro­duces its own lights, putting the em­pha­sis on qual­ity.

The Goldline, its flag­ship ‘plug and play’ LED, per­fectly rep­re­sents the com­pany’s phi­los­o­phy. On open­ing the box, the first thing that will strike you is the ro­bust­ness of the light. It feels solid and oozes qual­ity.

In­stalling the Goldline is sim­ple. It can re­place ex­ist­ing tubes in ev­ery fit­ting with­out the need for rewiring, as it has its own power sup­ply. It comes with T5 and (op­tional) T8 adapters, so I had no prob­lems with fit­ting the light to my Juwel tank. The light I tested was the 1047mm­long ver­sion with 210 LEDS – a mix of 7000K (day­light), 4000K (warm light) and RGB LEDS.

The 42w tube pro­duced a very bright light, which I es­ti­mated to be around the same bright­ness level as the com­bined out­put of the orig­i­nal two flu­o­res­cent tubes. As the HVP Goldline uses only half the wattage, it means a great sav­ing in elec­tric­ity.

If you fancy play­ing with your lights via your phone, HVP also of­fers an op­tional Wifi timer that al­lows you to con­trol up to eight chan­nels (max 400W LED) to­gether or in­di­vid­u­ally. Set­ting up a light­ing pro­gramme is straight­for­ward and you can cre­ate grad­ual sun­sets and sun­rises in your tanks, avoid­ing any shock to fish caused by sud­den light changes.

For one light, the con­troller, which costs £150, is a bit of an overkill, but if you’ve sev­eral aquar­i­ums and lights it opens up great pos­si­bil­i­ties. For ex­am­ple, you can dim the LEDS for hatch­ing light-sen­si­tive fish eggs, then in­crease it as the fry grow.

Over­all, the HVP Goldline is a great lamp, which would work per­fectly as a retro­fit light­ing in any fit­tings. Al­though the price is rel­a­tively high, it re­flects the qual­ity you get for your money.

The ex­act PAR val­ues and out­put spec­trum will be mea­sured soon when the Goldline takes part in a com­par­i­son test with other sim­i­lar LED lights. Watch this space!

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