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The heart of any aquar­ium, a com­pe­tent fil­ter is the dif­fer­ence be­tween a thriv­ing tank with healthy fish, and a cat­a­strophic swamp of death. Fil­ters can be in­no­va­tive and ad­vanced, or they can be sim­ple tried and tested units that have stood the test of time. The ques­tion is, in a world of so, so many types, which com­pany do you rank as the mas­ter fil­ter maker?

THE SHORT­LIST Flu­val for the ’06, FX and U ranges of fil­ter. (1) Te­tra for the EX range of can­is­ter fil­ters. Ocean Free for the Hydra in­ter­nal range of can­is­ter fil­ters. JBL for the Cristal­profi range of ex­ter­nal can­is­ter fil­ters. Oase for the Bio­plus Thermo and Biomas­ter Thermo ranges of

in­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal can­is­ter fil­ters. (2)


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