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The be­nign na­ture of the smaller Drag­onet species and their com­pat­i­bil­ity with corals makes them ideal for peace­ful reef aquaria. How­ever, many Drag­onet species are also able to thrive in busy sys­tems con­tain­ing dwarf an­gelfish, Cen­tropyge spp., and tangs (Acan­thuri­dae) be­cause they don’t ap­pear to at­tract the at­ten­tions of these of­ten ter­ri­to­rial fish.

In ad­di­tion, Man­darins and some other species of Drag­onet ex­ude a nox­ious mu­cus from spe­cialised skin cells, which is dan­ger­ous to preda­tors if in­gested or if it comes into con­tact with an open wound. It’s thought the Dragonets’ spec­tac­u­lar pat­tern­ing and coloura­tion ad­ver­tises this fact, and so many fish know to avoid them.


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