Ex­pert tip Find hid­den gems by scour­ing the wood­land floor

Practical Photography (UK) - - Autumn Surprises -

A brisk walk through your lo­cal woods can re­veal a va­ri­ety of de­light­ful sur­prises, in­clud­ing na­tive fungi. These unas­sum­ing lit­tle or­gan­isms can make fan­tas­tic pho­to­graphic sub­jects, so be ready to break out your cam­era once you spot one. Un­like cap­tur­ing a macro leaf, this sub­ject works best with both fore­ground and back­ground in­ter­est. Try to shoot against a colour­ful back­ground that com­ple­ments the fungi. Avoid sim­i­lar colours if at all pos­si­ble, as this will sim­ply make your sub­ject blend into its back­ground. Then, find a way to in­clude some fore­ground in­ter­est. This could be vi­brant green grass or the warm brown of dead leaves. Ei­ther way, the most im­por­tant thing here is that parts of the fore­ground are sub­tly fram­ing the main sub­ject.

For the best re­sults, make sure that you’re on the same level as the fungi. While this un­for­tu­nately means ly­ing down on the wood­land floor, this tech­nique will pro­duce an im­age of far su­pe­rior qual­ity than one taken from above. This is also the best way to en­sure that your shot has a colour­ful back­ground and an in­trigu­ing fore­ground.

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