Change your as­pect ra­tio to get a brand-new look

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You can try out dif­fer­ent crops, as­pect ra­tios and com­po­si­tions us­ing the Crop Tool’s Pre­set As­pect Ra­tios. In the Pre­set As­pect Ra­tio drop-down box you can choose a spe­cific as­pect ra­tio such as a 5:7, 2:3 or even 1:1 for a square crop, draw it over your image and drag it into place un­til you’re happy with how it looks. The image of a deer above works well in por­trait, land­scape and square as­pect ra­tios. To draw a free­hand crop click the Ra­tio op­tion and then hit Clear. You can also hold Shift as you pull the cor­ner han­dles to lock off the as­pect ra­tio. The panoramic 7:2 op­tion above isn’t avail­able in the list, but you can click Ra­tio once again and then en­ter in the de­sired Width and Height to cre­ate a be­spoke frame for your shot and if it’s not quite right hit Clear and then drag the crop bound­ing box into shape.

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