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Add your pic­tures to our cus­tom cal­en­dars to make a per­son­alised plan­ner for 2019. Dan Mold works through the steps.

Practical Photography (UK) - - January -

Add your favourite im­ages to our free tem­plates for a be­spoke 2019 plan­ner.

AS PHO­TOG­RA­PHERS, THERE’S NO greater feel­ing than giv­ing our work a pur­pose and get­ting it out there to be seen by oth­ers. With these free tem­plates you can cre­ate a be­spoke 2019 cal­en­dar us­ing a group of 12 im­ages – we’ve opted for a com­mon theme, but it could be as sim­ple as se­lect­ing and us­ing your 12 favourite shots of the year; it’s a nice touch to use each im­age in the month it was taken.

The cal­en­dar will help you keep track of the year ahead as well as be­ing a great ex­cuse to proudly hang your work up on the wall. You can print your cal­en­dar on some high qual­ity photo pa­per and have it comb-bound at your lo­cal print shop for a pro­fes­sional fin­ish. They make won­der­ful per­son­alised gifts, too.

1 Open your im­ages

Go into Pho­to­shop or El­e­ments, and if you are us­ing El­e­ments make sure you’re work­ing in the Ex­pert mode. Head up to File>Open and nav­i­gate your way to the Free Gifts folder on your disc or down­load, where you’ll find the 2019 Cal­en­dar Tem­plates. Here, you’ll see two fold­ers for UK and USA style cal­en­dars, de­pend­ing on where you pre­fer the week­end to sit on your cal­en­dar pages. Open one of the fold­ers and you’ll see the Cover PSD file which we’ll come to later. To start, open up the sec­ond file down, which is the Jan­uary page. Now go back up to File>Open and this time find the im­age on your hard drive that you’d like to use in Jan­uary and dou­ble-click to open it. In Pho­to­shop hit Ctrl+A (Se­lect>All) to se­lect the im­age – you’ll see the march­ing ants ap­pear around your im­age to show it’s been se­lected. Press Ctrl+C (Edit>Copy) to copy it and Ctrl+W (File>Close) to close it down as you don’t need it any­more. You’ll now be back in the cal­en­dar tem­plate file, so hit Ctrl+V (Edit>Paste) to paste it in.

2 Re­size your im­age to fit the cal­en­dar

Your im­age will now be in the cal­en­dar, but will need repo­si­tion­ing and re­siz­ing. Hit Ctrl+T to put it into Free Trans­form mode. Hold Shift in Pho­to­shop, or tick the Con­strain Pro­por­tions box in El­e­ments, then drag the corner han­dles of the bound­ing box to re­size. Hit Re­turn to place it.

3 Blend your im­age into the black aper­ture

You only want your im­age to ap­pear in­side the black aper­ture at the top of the cal­en­dar tem­plate. The eas­i­est way to do this is to go to Win­dow>Lay­ers and then in the Lay­ers panel change the Blend­ing Mode from Nor­mal to Screen, so that the im­age only ap­pears through the black parts of the tem­plate.

4 Erase any over­spill

As your pic­ture is now blend­ing into any dark ar­eas it may ap­pear in the text such as ‘Jan­uary’ as shown here. To fix this grab a hard-edged Eraser Tool with an Opac­ity and Flow of 100% and re­size it with the [ and ] keys. Run it over any area where the im­age ap­pears and you don’t want it to.

5 Sim­plify your Lay­ers panel

In the Lay­ers panel you now have an im­age layer and the orig­i­nal back­ground layer, so to keep things sim­ple go to Layer>Flat­ten Im­age to merge them to­gether. You can then save each month with File>Save As in a new folder if you want to keep the orig­i­nal tem­plates in­tact.

6 Com­plete your cal­en­dar cover page

You can add and re­size im­ages for your cal­en­dar cover in the same way as in pre­vi­ous steps. The dif­fer­ence with this page is that it has ed­itable text. Go to the Lay­ers panel and dou­ble-click on the ‘T’ next to ‘YOUR NAME HERE’ or ‘YOUR TI­TLE IN HERE’ to add your own ti­tle and pho­tog­ra­pher’s credit.

Above You’ll find both UK and USA style cal­en­dar tem­plates in the Free Gifts folder on your disc or down­load for you to use.

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