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IS DIGITAL MA­NIP­U­LA­TION cheat­ing? It’s an ar­gu­ment that has raged since Pho­to­shop first ap­peared in the late 1980s, and it goes back fur­ther than that, when pho­tog­ra­phers used in-cam­era trick­ery and print­ing tech­niques to present an al­tered re­al­ity. But who says a pho­to­graph has to rep­re­sent noth­ing but the unadul­ter­ated truth? If pho­tog­ra­phy is to take its place as a true art­form – as we dis­cuss fur­ther from page 32 – then the cre­ative process shouldn’t be con­strained by petty prin­ci­ples. Adrian Li­mani (http://adri­an­li­mani. port­fo­ shows how to em­brace the new cre­ativ­ity.

“The main pic­ture name is called ‘Be­hind the Old Win­dow’. Taken in my home­land, the old win­dow is from an­other shot and I’ve comped that in and made it look like it’s re­ally all one pic­ture. The idea be­hind this im­age is that it’s like a story that tells a his­tory be­cause ev­ery­one has a story be­hind their own win­dows, and that story is called life.”

“The smaller pic­ture name is called ‘Smile for the Cam­era’. I wanted to make a cre­ative photo-con­cept based around the idea of lev­i­ta­tion. I usu­ally do photo ma­nip­u­la­tions based on my own pho­tos. I like this sort of im­agery be­cause it lets you make some­thing unique and ex­press your­self with your own ideas. I used a chair to make the lev­i­ta­tion look and then I com­pos­ited the guy, who is my brother, into the shot. Af­ter that I added the grass and sky from other pho­tos that I al­ready had. The shot was made out­side my house, in the gar­den.”

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