Cre­ate painted ef­fects

Fol­low Dan Mold’s three painterly ef­fects to cre­ate digital mas­ter­pieces in Pho­to­shop and El­e­ments.

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Three quick and easy artis­tic tech­niques to pro­duce digital mas­ter­pieces.

Tech­nique 1 Turn pho­tos into line art

Open your shot into Pho­to­shop or El­e­ments and hit Ctrl+J to du­pli­cate the layer, leav­ing the orig­i­nal im­age un­af­fected by ed­its. Hit D to set the fore­ground colour to black and the back­ground colour to white. In the Fil­ter>Fil­ter Gallery ex­pand the Stylise folder and click on Glow­ing Edges. Set the Edge Width to 1, Edge Bright­ness to 20 and Smooth­ness to 8 and then hit OK to ap­ply it. Hit Ctrl+Shift+U to de­sat­u­rate the im­age. You now have a pre­dom­i­nantly black im­age with a white pen line ef­fect, but if you hit Ctrl+I, that will in­vert and leave a black pen on white pa­per ef­fect. Fi­nally, hit Ctrl+L to bring up the Lev­els panel and ad­just the slid­ers in the panel un­til the ef­fect looks right.

Tech­nique 2 Black pen ef­fect

Hit Ctrl+J to du­pli­cate your im­age and pre­serve the orig­i­nal, then go up to Fil­ter>Fil­ter Gallery. Press D to set the fore­ground colour to black and back­ground colour to white, as these colours will af­fect the fil­ter you’re about to use. Now ex­pand the Sketch folder and choose the Graphic Pen fil­ter. As a base, set the Stroke Length to 15 and then tweak the Light/Dark Bal­ance un­til you like the con­trast of the re­sult – this was 95 for our Nor­we­gian land­scape. You can also play around with the Stroke Di­rec­tion to change the an­gle of the pen lines. Char­coal and Chalk & Char­coal will also give moody mono re­sults.

Tech­nique 3 Get the Gouache look

Open your shot into Pho­to­shop or El­e­ments and hit Ctrl+J to du­pli­cate the back­ground layer to pre­serve it. Work­ing on the du­pli­cate layer, go to Fil­ter>Fil­ter Gallery and then ex­pand the Artis­tic folder and choose Poster Edges. Set the Edge Thick­ness to 7, Edge In­ten­sity to 3 and Pos­ter­i­za­tion to 4. You can ad­just these slid­ers to get the painterly ef­fect look­ing ex­actly how you want it, then hit OK to ap­ply it. Now make the colours even more vi­brant and painterly by hit­ting Ctrl+U to bring up the Hue/ Sat­u­ra­tion panel. Boost the Sat­u­ra­tion to +30 and hit OK.

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