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The cal­en­dar tem­plates we’re pro­vid­ing are grey by de­fault and, al­though they’re func­tional and will suit any pic­ture you put in, you may wish to liven them up by adding a splash of colour. To do this you can sam­ple a colour from the pic­ture you’ve placed in the cal­en­dar, such as the green in our squir­rel im­age, and then ap­ply it as a wash of colour to the text and cal­en­dar grid be­low. When you’ve sam­pled a colour, you can ap­ply it to ev­ery grid in the cal­en­dar or make sub­tle tweaks to each month. Try to pick a colour that com­ple­ments your im­age as it shouldn’t fight for at­ten­tion as the main fo­cus. Be care­ful with lighter shades and yel­lows, which have the po­ten­tial to make the cal­en­dar grid harder to see.

1 Sam­ple the main colour from your im­age

Go to the Tool­box and at the bot­tom you’ll see two squares which show the fore­ground and back­ground colour. Click the fore­ground colour square, which is set to black be de­fault, to bring up the Color Picker. Now click on the dom­i­nant colour of your shot to sam­ple it and hit OK to close the panel.

2 Give your cal­en­dar a wash of colour

We’re go­ing to ap­ply this colour to the cal­en­dar grid. Us­ing the Rec­tan­gu­lar Mar­quee Tool make a se­lec­tion of the text and grid be­neath your shot and then hit Ctrl+U to bring up the Hue/Sat­u­ra­tion panel. Click Colorize and the sam­pled colour will be ap­plied. Hit OK and then Ctrl+D to lose the se­lec­tion.



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