Photo Fix Sharpen to re­duce blur the smart way

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1 Open and du­pli­cate your shot

Open your im­age into Pho­to­shop with File>Open and hit Ctrl+J to du­pli­cate it. Go over to your Lay­ers panel (Win­dow>Lay­ers) and you’ll now see you have two iden­ti­cal Lay­ers.

2 Use the High Pass Fil­ter

Head up to Fil­ter>Other>High Pass and choose the Ra­dius amount you de­sire – the higher this num­ber, the more vig­or­ous the sharp­en­ing. Usu­ally 2-8px works well – go­ing higher can lead to un­nat­u­ral re­sults. Then hit OK to ap­ply. Press Ctrl+Shift+U to con­vert it to mono and then, in the Lay­ers panel, change the Blend­ing Mode from Nor­mal to Over­lay. Erase any parts you don’t want to sharpen with the Eraser Tool and lower the Layer Opac­ity un­til you’re happy with the level of sharp­en­ing.

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